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Danial Javaheri Software Engineer

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I'm Danial Javaheri, welcome to my personal website.

I am interested in computer engineering and performed a substantial amount of research in this field. I succeeded to received academic degrees in computer engineering -software enigneering from Islamic Azad University.

Currently, I am working for Bostanrood corporation as a software engineer.

Area of Expertise

  • IoT e-Healthcare Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Network & Software Security
  • Data mining & Big Data
  • Software Testing
  • Software Architect
  • UI/UX Design
  • Dependable Software Design

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Phone: +98 916 667 7506

Telegram: @djavaheri

Country: Iran




My Practical Skills

  • App Programming C++/C#/VB.net11111
  • Web Programming
  • Database Programming SQL/MySQL11111
  • Virtualization Tools 11111
  • Machine Learning 11111
  • Simulator Tools1111

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Academic Records

My Teaching Courses

For B.Sc. Students of Borojerd Branch of Islamic Azad University(2014-2015)

Computer Programming

Database Design Principles




Publications (Domestic)

Domestic Papers

Conference Papers (Since 2015)

1- D. Javaheri, H. Javaheri, A. Rouzbahani, “A Method for Detection and Defusing of Malicious Behavior of Novel Obfuscated Malwares”, In Proc. of Challenges and Solutions of Cyber Communications in Social Security, Social Security Research Institute of Iran, 24 Jan 2017.

2- D. Javaheri, Sh. Motahari, "Propose a Solution for Detection and Confronting of Code and Dynamic Link Library Injection Attacks", In 7th International Proc. of Information and Knowledge Technology (IKT), University of Urmia, 26-28 May 2015.

3- D. Javaheri, “Design and Implementing a Method for Intercepting Network-Based Behavioral for Construction an Intelligent Firewall”, In Proc. of 2nd National Conference on Applied Research in Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Tehran, 26 Feb 2015.

Technical Reports (2008-2010)

1- D. Javaheri, M. Mahrooei, Distributed Data Mining in Weka, 2013

2- D. Javaheri, M. Mahrooei, Module Clustring in Software Engineering using Frama-C and Bunch, 2012

3- D. Javaheri, A brief to Quantum Computing and Quantum Processors, 2010.

4- D. Javaheri, Introduction to ADA Programming Language, 2009.

5- D. Javaheri, Live Operating System ERD Commander 2005, 2008.

My Workshops



Applications and Projects

  • A Wrapper for Windows Firewall


    This application is a user-friendly wrapper to manage the internal firewall of windows OS with more facilities to monitor network traffic such as network connections and the rate of packets. Moreover, this software provides a wide range of abilities to configure the windows firewall with define desired rules, but, in a simple manner rather than, the firewall of windows.

  • The Generic Unpacker Application


    This generic unpacker can normalize and resolve the ambiguity of modern obfuscated malware, which are undetectable for traditional scanners. This efficient tool can unpack more than 300 recognized packers utilized for obfuscating malware. Moreover, it can unpack anonymous and customized packers through dynamic unpacking based on memory dumping.

  • A Memory Dumper Application


    This application images the memory in user and kernel space of the operating system. It provides the feasibility of getting a dump file of a specific process or the entire system. The dump file can use for any troubleshooting process or digital forensic analysis by relevant tools.

  • A Hybrid Sandbox for Risk-free Analysis of Malware


    This project led to the creation of a sandbox tool to analyze malware in a safe and risk-free environment. At first, we designed a user-level sandbox that was able to track simple malware without the ability of reaction toward malware. Eventually, after performing plenty amount of research, we developed our sandbox to pursue kernel-level APIs and implementing the ability to confront complicated malware. My M.Sc. thesis was a portion of this valuable project.

  • Human Emulator Robot

    The massive rate of malware production caused emerging automated malware analysis tools like a sandbox. Unfortunately, malware becomes more complex and intelligent in recent years. Therefore, they recognize an automatic analyzer environment rather than a personal computer by intercepting the behavior of a human such as hitting the keyboard or moving the mouse, and they avoid to execute in analyzer environment to make themself hidden and remain anonymous. Hence, this useful tool is needed to emulate the behaviors of a human -just like a monkey- to detect and confront intelligent malware.
    Year: 2016



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